Postdoctoral Fellow Job at National University of Singapore 

BIGHEART aims to facilitate collaborative and interdisciplinary research efforts to address the technical barriers preventing distributed healthcare solutions in remote and resource-poor settings. We will cultivate critical insights into global healthcare obstacles by establishing an effective environment for both fundamental scientific inquiry and practical implementation of solutions at the interface of chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, and medicine. Through educational outreach and innovative technology development, BIGHEART researchers will establish a deep and systematic understanding of physiological conditions, environmental constraints, and subsequent roles for novel and highly integrated biotechnology (BT), nanotechnology (NT), and information technology (IT) in a range of global health settings.

We are seeking highly motivated and qualified postdoctoral fellows to undertake research in:

i) the field of microbiology. This opening is for a research project related to infectious disease detection, bacteria measurement, single cell analysis and microbiology.
ii) developing micro-systems for high throughput detections of cells/bacteria This opening is for a research project related to lab on a chip technology, optical sensor, integrative system and high throughput bioassay.

Professor Luke P. Lee and Dr Chen Chia-Hung are the principal investigators of the above research projects.

Candidates must have experience in one or more of the following fields: 
i) Microbiology, Cell Assay, Biochemistry, Gene Analysis and Infectious Diseases
ii) Optical Sensors, Integrative Systems, Lab View Programming, Analytical Chemistry, Soft Condensed Matter and Microfluidics

Applications should include curriculum vitae, statement of research interests and names of three references (email address and phone number). For further queries, you may write to Dr Chen Chia-Hung at and Prof Luke P. Lee at